Did you hear about the Australian boy who received a new boomerang for his birthday?…

…he spent two days trying to throw the old one away.  haha

This past Friday, GHA students made some great memories with Gary Broadbent.   This man is wildly crazy about boomerangs.  Eats, sleeps, and drinks them, apparently.   He explained how boomerangs are history (where did they come from?), science (how do they work?), carpentry (how do you build them?), art (how do you decorate them),  and athletics (how do you throw one?) all wrapped up into one great hobby.  Who can argue with that?

Gary has the world’s largest collection of boomerangs (over 15,000).  Here he is showing off a huge tub of all sorts of crazy boomerangs he’s produced.

Gary ferociously demonstrates a “Kylie” to the students.  A Kylie is a boomerang that doesn’t come back (so it’s not a boomerang).   This is what was used to hunt animals–not the boomerang.  He threw it for us.  Looked pretty vicious flying through the air…

Shyanne Coblentz, Hadassah Stoltzfus, Cameron Miller, and Terrell Keim “up close and personal” with the boomerangs.

This boomerang was a beast.  We were all (at least I) just dying for him to give it a ride…but he stood there for the longest time just talking about it.  Almost as if he knew.


…giving that bad boy the ride of its life.

So, he finishes throwing a bunch of boomerangs, is winding up the talk and taking questions. The Q&A seems to be all but over until…. Shyanne (far left) pipes up, “Can I throw one?”   His energetic response: “Sure!!” (as if it was the grandest idea he had never thought of).   Thanks Shyanne, for bravely posing the question we were all dying to ask. 🙂

First group of students getting ready to throw…

Boomerangs fill the big blue sky.

Anthony, CJ, and Jenson give it a go.   Looks like someone jumped the gun but released a little too late?

Chantelle, Miss Miller, and Shyanne let ’em fly

It turns out that Mr. Broadbent lives in Canton.  Over 2,000 people come see his collection and “shop” every year.  He also loves working with school groups.

We may be seeing more of this guy.  Or he may be seeing more of us!

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