Dorothy Hostetler: “Why I’m excited about this school year…”

Hi my name is Dorothy Hostetler.  I am in seventh grade. I have two great teachers–Mr. Coblentz and Miss K.  On the first day of school we did not have to work.  The whole school went outside and played games and had ice-cream.  In our room we have many different posters on the wall.  My favorite poster is one on Miss K’s desk that says “I’m fine really” and has a cat lying down on the floor.

My math class is wonderful because Miss K teaches it.  Veronica, Samantha, Carla, and Henry are also in my math class.  So far I have learned a lot in math class.

This year we have a different bell that goes off by itself and has a different sound than last year’s bell. We have “Gold” and “Silver” privilege instead of “E” and “A.”  Our school entrance has a new tile floor. I think the tile makes the entrance look bigger and brighter.

The rest of the school year, I think will be terrific and amazing. I cannot wait to learn so many things about our mighty God during the school year.

By:  Dorothy Hostetler, Grade 7

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