First Week in Pictures

This has definitely been my favorite “first week” at GHA.

The staff did a fantastic job making the first day memorable.   It’s awesome to see the enthusiasm from the staff and students for the new school term.  For some reason the buzz in the air this year seems…I don’t know…extra special maybe?

Here are a few of the 1st & 2nd graders, taught by Miss Rebekah Miller.  (l-r) Kyle Troyer, Andrea Miller, Ashton, Miller, and Kari Troyer, Cameron Miller, Terrel Keim, Chloe Troyer, Sasha Yoder, Chloe Miller, Shyanne Coblentz, and Chantelle Coblentz.

Chantelle Coblentz, Hadassah Stoltzfus, Arlene Burkholder, and Quincy Yoder.  Wouldn’t you just love to know what’s going through Quincy’s mind?  I would.

Terrell seems pleased with his work.  I’m sure his teacher is too.

1st graders Chloe Troyer and Shyanne Colbentz.  You can’t say these two have any trouble concentrating.  Adorable.

The fourth & fifth graders in their new classroom with their teacher Miss Julissa Coblentz.  Pictured in foreground (l-r): Ashley Stoltzfus, Sofie Yoder, Sasha Yoder, CJ Troyer, and Kimberly Troyer.  In the background, Tamar Keim, Judith Burkholder (raising hand), Regan Troyer, and Sam Hostetler.

Tamara Keim taking great pride in her handwriting.

One of our adorable new Kindergartners, Kiana Miller, kindly allowed me to take her picture.  I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t expect them to get much cuter than this!

Jamonte Coblentz with his teacher, Mrs. Sheila Mullet.  He was pumped to finally be in school with his older brothers!

One of the first orders of business on the first day of school was to introduce the students to their new prayer partners.  This is something we started to help create a caring culture where younger students are matched up with older students.  Students are encouraged to pray specifically for their partner, give them notes of encouragement, and even sit beside them during all-school chapels!  I’m not sure who enjoys it more–the older ones or the younger ones.

Each older student popped a balloon to discover who their prayer partner was.  This was pretty funny:  Since Colby’s partner (Jamonte) wasn’t at school anyway,  Miss Coblentz stuck a different name in his balloon.  Here he stands dumb-founded, trying to figure out why Destinee Troyer is going to be his prayer partner.  Well done, Miss Coblentz.  You’re first prank was a success in my book.

Tiffany Keim and Shyanne Coblentz become acquainted.  Even though I caught Tiffany blinking and it looks like she’s dozing off, they both seemed pretty excited from the looks of things.

Jordan Stoltzfus listens attentively to another big story from Terrell Keim.

So is this the younger adoring the older or the older adoring the younger?  Great moment.

I honestly am not sure what was happening in this picture.  But this is (l-r) Sam Hostetler, Julie Troyer, and Sasha Yoder.

Terrell & Ashton finally getting what they really came for:  shoulder rides!

Some prisoner’s base with all the ages.  The older students did a great job being enthusiastic and making it exciting for the younger ones.

Terrel glides in from his first attack as his buddy Jordan comes out to defend

The 12th-graders and their younger counterparts prepare to capture some fugitives for their island prison.

A big thanks to Mrs. Lori and Miss K for organizing the ice cream bar.  Trent gives his full approval!

Chantelle Coblentz (above) and Cameron Miller (below) enjoying their sundaes.

Please pray intentionally and faithfully for the GHA school community this year (and always).  We take our role seriously and tremble at the responsibility and opportunity we have to glorify Christ in the educational process of our young people.  GHA has a challenging list of goals for our students, and we as staff, school board, and patrons desperately need His wisdom and creativity as we plan programs, content, and opportunities to accomplish these goals.

Well folks, that’s all we have for now.  Check back for more happenings at GHA.

3 thoughts on “First Week in Pictures

  1. Good job Galen , this is really cool ,the kids loved it too

  2. Wow this brings a gush of memories! Thanks for the peek into GHA life so far. I really miss it. Hope you all have a great year!

  3. Great website and photos – good job, Galen! I really appreciate the way you encourage interaction between the older and younger ones. Our kids all enjoy it – both the the big kids and the little ones 🙂

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