Judith Burkholder: Write a short of least twelve sentences pretending you are a Indian.

Hi, this is me Shiana. I am a Miami Indian. One day my sister kaya suggested play a racing game. I answered “tai’c”. But just then my “iice” Called us. “iice” said we had to pick huckleberries. We both answered “eehe, iice”.

When we were done picking huckleberries.  “Toot’a”, came home from chopping wood for the winter. Now it was time for bed. That night Oaaca’c came to sleep with us. In the middle of the night that night Shawnee Indians came an attacked us! My “ Toot’a” was killed and I was Taken as a Captive.


Eehe = yes that’s right.

Iice =  Mother

Oaaca’c  = Grandmother

Ta’c = good

Toot’a = Father

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