Volleyball Victory For the Lady Flames!

Gospel Haven Academy Defeats Faith Christian Academy

Destinee Troyer powers a decisive spike past an FCA defender

Wow! Let’s just say our game against FCA was an unforgettable one! We were all kind of nervous and pumped for this game. After we huddled and prayed, we were on the court and ready to play!  Our first game we were ahead 22-16, but unfortunately FCA caught up, and we lost our first game 24 to 26.

As we switched sides, we were anxious to play again! In this game all of us did an excellent job, Tiffany have some wonderful passes, Kayla had some great sets, and Destinee had some vicious spikes! With all of us working together as a team we won our second game 25-20. Our third game didn’t go so well, and we ended up losing 14 to 25, which was our worst performance of the night. But that didn’t stop the GHA flames from burning back in the fourth game.

With our excellent passing, awesome sets, and fiery spikes, we won the fourth game with a score of 25-17. By winning that game we forced a fifth game to determine the winner. Tired and worn out, we pushed on.  We knew what we had to do to win, and riding on the little bit left in the tank and pure adrenaline–that’s exactly what we did! With all of us working together as a team, we won 15-10.  We had won the set 3-2!  Like all of us should know, teamwork always pays off! Good job lady Flames!

-Malinda Hostetler, 10th Grade

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