Stefani Yoder: “Boomerangs!”

On Friday, August 27, Gary Broadbent came to our school.  He collects, makes, and throws boomerangs.  He showed us some of his boomerangs in his collection.

He then told us the history of the boomerang, how people used it, what they thought it was for– like how most people think that a boomerang is a weapon. Well he informed us that it is not a weapon. The native Aborigines used a heavy stick with a curved end called a kylie, to do their hunting, since a boomerang is far too light to do any damage. “Besides why would someone want a weapon when the target is themselves?” Gary said as he explained the history of boomerangs.

Gary makes and sells almost every type of boomerangs you can possibly imagine, including many cool novelty boomerangs, like a Spiderman, road-runner, Chief-Wahoo, Elmo, Air Jordan, and a Bugs Bunny boomerang.  Gary has a faith in God and is a great motivational speaker.  He is a USA Boomerang team member, four time World record holder, holds 12 records on his own and is in the Guinness World Book of Records. Gary is also the 1997 Boomerang Champion.  I enjoyed his presentation. He is a really cool guy, and you can tell he loves what he does.

Stefani Yoder – 8th Grade

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