4th-5th Graders Raise $601 toward Gospel for Asia

The 4th-5th graders recently had a contest—boys against girls. Whoever had the most money at the end of the month won. It might sound unnerving because there are 6 girls and 3 boys. So, Miss Coblentz helped the boys.

Everyone was asking people for their change, saving it up, and bringing it in to school. By the end of the month, the girls had more money saved. The boys had $240 and the girls had $280. Altogether, we had $520, but someone donated $81 so we had $601.

Us girls decided that we should send the money to Asia to buy a Water Buffalo that gives milk, pulls a plow, and pulls a wagon–and 2 chickens that give eggs and/or meat. Also, ten bed nets that keep out mosquitoes that with one bite can kill and one filter that cleans water because there are diseases in it. We hope we can help lots of people!

-written by Sasha Yoder, Grade 5

Following is a video published by Gospel for Asia with a testimony from a family that received gifts through GFA.

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