Bible Quizzing: Flames catch fire in finals

On February 5,  The Flames hosted a quiz tournament for 2 teams from Cornerstone Christian school from PA, 3 teams from the Christian Life Homeschool co-op, and of course 1 GHA team. After a morning of round-robin quizzing the Flames found themselves in last place with the bottom seed for the playoffs.

In the playoffs is were the team really came alive.  In  the first round of the playoffs  the flames fought hard and Kelsi Miller answered 2 key bonus questions, which helped lock-down first place in the quiz with a close score of 50-40-30.  With this win, the flames advanced to the finals.

The Flames saved their very best quizzing for the finals with Ashton Troyer, Jenson Coblentz, and Tyler Stolzfus stepping up and answering some tough questions.  On question 18, Tyler Stoltzfus pulled out a great jump and answered the question correctly to put the Flames in the lead, which they held to the final question (see video below).  In the end the Flames edged out a Cornerstone team and the Christian Life Witnesses with a score of 100-70-90.  The stellar quizzing of Ashton Troyer, who has really been an anchor for this GHA quiz team (and scored 60 points in the championship round),  earned him an all- star award.  “After our performance in the first matches, no one expected us to go anywhere in the playoffs.  It felt good to finish strong” noted Jenson Coblentz after the match.

It was a good finish for the quiz team and their coach Galen Kauffman, who helped bring quizzing to GHA.  “Even though we finished strong for the win, there is so much we can do to improve for next year.  I’m hoping this can help some more get excited about quizzing for next year, and memorize a lot of Scripture!”  Next year’s passage will be Matthew 4-7. Hit Or Miss

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