Gospel Haven Academy “Launches” School Year “with Power”

-by Allie Schwartz, 11th Grade

August 24th–the first day of school for Gospel Haven Academy– a day much-anticipated by all the excited, smiling students (maybe a little bit dramatic but you all get the picture). Some eagerly skipping and others reluctantly shuffling, they all are greeted by the joyful, warm smiles of their teachers.

The first part of the morning was spent in the classrooms getting to better know each other and becoming acquainted with expectations and protocol for the year.

After the first bell, the students filed into the chapel where Mr. K. introduced each student and staff member, and reviewed our theme verse for the year, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind” (II Timothy 1:7). Just as the early Christians fought the fear of being persecuted, he encouraged us to not allow a fear of what people may think about us, say about us, or do to us to hold us back from God’s invitation and call on our lives.

The focus then shifted to the discovering of prayer partners.  Each year, the older students are paired with the younger students as prayer partners. Each student received a name, taped to their back. In their attempt to discover whose name was on their back, the students were forbidden to ask anything, except yes or no questions.

After everyone was aquainted with their new prayer partner, the assembly transitioned to the gym for some team games.

Each team, consisting of 8 people (4 pairs of prayer partners), were told to stand on a blanket and–without stepping off the blanket–flip it to its opposite side.

After this was accomplished by each team, they were ordered to link arms and a hula hoop was passed around the circle with everyone having to pass through the hoop.

Mr. K. then called everyone to attention outside where he launched a rocket. The first launch went well, but when a more powerful “engine” was inserted, the rocket surpassed the expectations of all and flew so high was almost out of sight.  Unfortunately, the wind caught hold of the rocket and it was stranded at the top of a tall tree…

It was an unfortunate circumstance, indeed, but the students were soon distracted by the ice-cream served to them. After all the ice cream was consumed, the students headed back to their classrooms. Here, they were gifted with some parting words of wisdom from their teachers and dismissed to return the next morning, eager to learn.

Overall, I believe it is safe to say that the day was a smashing success! “In all my 14 years of teaching, I think this was possibly the best first day of school ever!” exclaimed Miss K as the students dispersed.

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