A Compare/Contrast Essay by Becca Coblentz

Two of the subjects we do in school are handwriting and spelling. I’ve noticed some similarities and some differences in both of these subjects.

We take tests for both handwriting and spelling. We also do work-text pages for both subjects. We write in both subjects.

But there are many differences between handwriting and spelling. In spelling, we learn how to write words, but in handwriting we learn how to spell words neatly and correctly. In spelling, we study parts of words, like prefixes. However, in handwriting we write poems and paragraphs. In spelling, we also write in journals. We don’t do handwriting every day, but we do spelling every day.

I like both of them because we learn how to read and write. But I would probably want to do handwriting, but spelling helps you read books. So…I don’t know which one I like best.

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