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Special Activities

Did you hear about the Australian boy who received a new boomerang for his birthday?…

…he spent two days trying to throw the old one away.  haha This past Friday, GHA students made some great memories with Gary Broadbent.   This man is wildly crazy about boomerangs.  Eats, sleeps, and drinks them, apparently.   He explained how boomerangs are history (where did they come from?), science (how do they work?), carpentry (how […] Continue reading →

First Week in Pictures

This has definitely been my favorite “first week” at GHA. The staff did a fantastic job making the first day memorable.   It’s awesome to see the enthusiasm from the staff and students for the new school term.  For some reason the buzz in the air this year seems…I don’t know…extra special maybe? Here are a […] Continue reading →