Goals For Graduates

It is the mission of GHA to provide an education where students….

  • Are empowered to seek and discover the person and will of God and experience a growing relationship with Him.
  • Obtain a knowledge of and respect for the authority of God’s word, along with an understanding of how the Biblical themes of creation, fall, and redemption shapes ones understanding of History, Fine Arts, and Literature.
  • Gain a knowledge and understanding of key historical events, while recognizing that God providentially directs human history.
  • Realize that the study of mathematical and scientific concepts is a discovery of an orderly universe that was created by God. As image bearers, pursuing competence in the knowledge and application of these and all academic disciplines is wise stewardship and brings glory to our Creator.
  • Display critical thinking skills that allow them to evaluate every aspect of life from a Biblical worldview, while understanding opposing worldviews.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work with and contribute to a team and understand that healthy relationships built on trust create effective teams.
  • Cultivate the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to develop their talents responsibly through life-long learning and/or higher education.
  • Become aware of their unique, individual God-given resources (e.g., strengths, abilities, possessions, and spiritual gifts) and the tools, creativity, and Christ-centered identity necessary for responsible stewardship of these assets under the Lordship of Christ.
  • Acquire an understanding of other cultures that fuels global awareness and vision for missions.
  • Appreciate how human diversity (e.g., socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, denominational, and gender differences) provides a representation of the image of God in mankind and enriches human experience.
  • Learn what it means to think and act as Jesus Christ did, and understand the unity of all truth under God.

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