7th & 8th Grade

Meet Mr. Lowell (Lowell Schrock)

GHA 7th & 8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

I enjoy: Hiking, Fishing, Running

I want my students to:

  • Be engaged in learning while being made more aware of God’s love for them. 
  • Be able to know their identity, and that God has a place in each of them, and to be confident of who they are. 

I teach because:

  • I love to see the learning that takes place 
  • I simple enjoy it
  • I love to see growth in the students and watch them take on life.
  • I value the relationships that are built 

My students have taught me:

  • Life has its ups and downs and movements, but investing time in others is very rewarding
  • That sometimes the hardest battles create the deepest friendships

A verse I love: James 3:17-18

I started teaching at GHA in 2011.

Subjects & Curriculum


Saxon Math


Bob Jones University (BJU)


Bob Jones University (BJU) every other year
Progeny Press Study Guides
Reed Novel Study Guides



Purposeful Design by Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI)


Wordly Wise 3000


Wisdom in Proverbs – Positive Action
Dynamic Christian Living – Positive Action